62% of middle school students are not prepared for high school by the time they complete the 8th grade. 


When students feel unequipped to tackle challenging material and are unmotivated by the topics, they often disengage, significantly decreasing their ability to learn. While the entire course of a student’s academic career is important, recent research and test scores indicate that the middle school years are a serious pain point for students. According to the ACT’s measures of college & career readiness, only 38% of middle school students are adequately equipped for academic & career success. This lack of preparedness has serious and  immediate consequences, as 40% of high school dropouts occur during the freshman year. 


An environment IN WHICH 100% OF middle school STUDENTS can thrive by discovering & REACHing PERSONAL EXCELLENCE!

PATHworks praises effort and encourages students to embrace the challenges of difficult tasks. Our students go on to achieve personal excellence in all areas of their lives: academic, social, & personal. As a result, they are more engaged in their academic studies, earn improved grades, & are on a path to future career success. PATHworks is on a mission to spread a new mindset among our nation’s youth. 

PATHworks exists to help students develop a mindset in which they: