+ My child is going into 4th grade. Can he/she still attend?

While our curriculum is targeted to incoming middle school students (5th - 8th grades), the primary purpose of our curriculum is ENRICHMENT. We want to challenge our students to tackle new material and learn in creative ways. Our curriculum and 8-to-1 student to staff ratio is designed to enable students of all skills and academic levels to have a positive, personalized experience.

If you think your student is capable of learning more advance material and would have fun working with older students, we'd love to have him/her join us! Please contact us prior to registering so that we can make alter the sign-up system accordingly: info@mypathworks.com

+ What if my child isn't interested in sports?

Our primary goal is that students learn while having fun! If your child simply hates sports, this might not be the camp for them because they won't have much fun as we want our students to have. However, we don’t expect students to be super athletes.

Our activities are designed to enable students of a wide range of athletic abilities, from beginner to advance, to reach their personal best. If it’s the case that your child is new to sports and nervous about fitting in, then PATHworks is the perfect place! Our curriculum will help provide an introduction to a variety of different sports and our students are taught to collaborate with and support one another.

+ How much time is spent playing sports vs in a classroom?

About one-third of each day is spent in a classroom setting working on collaborative lessons and activities. The rest of the time is spent engaged in active learning on the field, court or other athletic space. In the field of play, students will be actively learning academic concepts, character building, and advanced body mechanics that will enable them to excel both on the field and in the classroom.

+ What does my child need to wear?

We hightly recommend that your child wear supportive athletic shoes to every session. Sport-specific shoes, such as basketball shoes or soccer cleats, are not required. If students would like to wear such shoes for specific activities, they will still need a regular pair of trainers for the majority of the activities. Additional, students should wear comfortable, breathable athletic apparel.

+ What does my child need to bring?

Please pack a water bottle each day to help your child stay hydrated throughout the day. Our drink sponosor, OSMO will provide water bottles for the each student.

For summer camps, a standard lunch will be provided from the SportsHouse Grill. Unfortunately, they cannot accomodate specific allergies. If your child has any dietary restrictions, please pack a lunch for them. Snacks and sports drinks will also be provided.

+ Do you offer extended care?

For Summer 2015, extended care will be provided by SportsHouse for a small additonal fee. Please contact us if you are interested in extended care: info@mypathworks.com